Gas Field Services, LLC Announces Strategic Acquisition of CS Trucking, LLC

November 14, 2022

Gas Field Services, LLC Announces Strategic Acquisition of CS Trucking, LLC

In 2019, Gas Field Services, LLC developed a strategy to expand both its geographic footprint and its northern customer base.  That strategy specifically targeted the east to west I-70 corridor and the oil and gas operators active in the Utica Shale of eastern Ohio.

Today, Gas Field Services is proud to announce another major step in the execution of that strategy with the acquisition of all assets, equipment, and tools related to the oil and gas operations of CS Trucking, LLC.  With the acquisition, Gas Field Services will be adding over 60 trucks to its fleet.  In addition to water trucks, this acquisition includes a variety of trailers, winch trucks, and dry bulk trucks which will allow Gas Field Services to expand into the drilling and completions phases of the oil and gas exploration process.  Also being assumed is a shop located in Dover, Ohio.  The effective date of the acquisition is November 14, 2022.

Tommy Shrader, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gas Field Services, commented:

“Once again, the Gas Field Services team has executed on its expansion strategy to expand its services and customer base in Ohio.  The trucks we have acquired will significantly add to our existing fleet of trucks while the additional equipment will allow us to offer new services to our current customers and other service providers.  The Dover, Ohio shop extends our reach further north into Ohio and will significantly increase the scale and scope of our operations.  Most importantly, we look forward to working with the strong management team and drivers of CS Trucking, LLC to seamlessly integrate all the new employees into Gas Field Services.”

“CS Trucking, LLC already works for some of our current customers as well as additional, new customers.  We look forward to the opportunity to provide these new customers the same high quality, safe, and environmentally compliant service Gas Field Services has become known for.” 

Stay tuned for some additional big news from Gas Field Services soon!